Our Past & Future



We are dedicated to education, exploration and collaboration in all forms of glass.


The North Carolina Glass Center strives to provide: 

  • High quality facilities and support

  • Teaching at all levels

  • Being a focus for the artist community in Asheville

  • Innovative approaches to materials, processes and techniques

  • Sustainability in energy, business practices, and funding

  • Active outreach within our community


Western North Carolina’s place in the art glass movement goes back to the 1970s and counts Mark Peiser, Harvey Littleton, Richard Ritter, Billy Bernstein, Gary Beecham, Rick Beck, Kate Vogel, John Littleton, and Rob Levin among the talented & innovative artists who have called the region home.  Today the region boasts more than 60 working glass artists, and a thriving craft community that includes Penland School, The Center for Craft Creativity & Design and more.


With the same spirit of inspiration & collaboration that brought early innovations to the region, NCGC is poised to become a world-class home for artists in Western North Carolina.  Offering programs for a wide variety of skill levels, NCGC is working towards something for everyone who is inspired to learn. 

NCGC seeks artists in the field to share their craft with others.  From the student who is touching glass for the first time to a professional in the field, the learning never ends.  The Center offers classes for every level of student from someone starting out, to an experienced maker looking to refine a particular skill or technique.

We are developing partnerships with institutions of higher education, public school systems, and underserved communities to provide an interaction with the medium of glass and an artistic outlet to a wide audience throughout the region.

“Having a studio here in Asheville that is focused on education, exploration and collaboration is incredibly exciting.  It is such an asset to the local, national and even international community.  This is a studio like no other.” 

— Alex Berstein, Glass Artist


The North Carolina Glass Center is focused on the artists and instructors who create their work onsite. Our gallery boasts over 30 working artists adding their works to our gallery daily. We are a 501c3 not for profit educational organization. Sales from our gallery are split, half going to the artist, and the other to keep our studio up and running. Showcasing local working artists makes NCGC a place people can visit again and again seeing a new side of glass with each visit.

“ Western North Carolina is where the studio glass movement started.  It has been a hotbed for innovative work in glass since the beginning of glass in America.  The North Carolina Glass Center is a world class facility and resource for glass art.”
— Tom Oreck, NCGC Board